Board of Directors

  • Bengt Mattsson (Chairman)
    Chairman, former local government head for Karlshamn city, prior to that subsidiary director at Sydkraft (E.ON).
  • Anders Nilsson
    Entrepreneur in the wind power industry. Anders is the initiator and project manager of Blekinge Offshore, an 8 TWh ocean based wind power project developed in co-operation with Eolus Vind AB.
  • Bengt Norman
    Former CEO for EONs conventional power generation business, including gas turbine power plants.

  • Magnus Olsson
    Managing Director Länsförsäkringar Blekinge.

  • Thomas Korsfeldt
    Former director general of Swedish Energy Agency (1998-2008). Thomas has previously worked in the parliament and in the prime minister’s office and is currently involved in i.a. Swedish energy policy work.

  • Mikael Sidenmark
    Founder of Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB and CEO since 2008. 

Contact info

Mikael Sidenmark, CEO
+46 709 55 61 66