Technology road map

2014 - 2015: An evaluation project was done to analyze the benefits of combining core technologies from the Swedish wave power companies Ocean Harvesting, CorPower and Waves4Power in a 1 MW array, comprising the OHT col-lection tower and 5 WECs. The project included evaluation of alternative system configurations, analysis of technical interfaces and functionality, development and integration of simulation models for collection system, tower and buoys, and simulations to generate data on annual production and load statistics of components in the systems. Key results included performance benchmarking for different control strategies and energy storage configurations, showing an increase of the annual power output by up to 5 times with detailed control of phase and damping force compared to a passive PTO.

2015 - 2016: Collaboration project with WEC partners CorPower and Waves4Power, with financing from private investors and the Swedish Energy Agency. Development of a system design specification for a 10 MW demonstration array comprising 40 buoys and one collector tower with OHT´s patented gravity storage technology. The project includes optimization of the system configuration and component sizing for the lowest levelized cost of energy over a 20 year life cycle. A supply chain for the collection system will be established. OHT´s current small scale test rig will also be extended with a hydraulic link and connected to the simulation models for hardware in the loop simulations.

2016 - 2017: Design and build of a new test rig in scale 1:5 of the 10 MW WEC array with hydraulic collection from 2-5 simulated buoys giving input to servo motors connected to hydraulic pumps. The main objective is to prove the design for the collection system and the tower drive train.

WEC developers are invited to evaluate hydraulic collection, damping force control and gravity storage features for their buoys through hardware in the loop simulations in the test rig and other simulations in Matlab/Simulink.

2018 - 2019: Sea trials in the same scale with 2-5 WECs in an array at a European test center. The collection tower is planned to remain installed at the test bed after the sea trial, to allow other WEC developers to test and evaluate their WECs with OHTs hydraulic collection system.

2020- : A first 10 MW demonstration array project in collaboration with a WEC partner and an infrastructure partner.