Ocean Harvesting raising 400 000 EUR to implement enhanced MPC and optimize design of InfinityWEC

Ocean Harvesting is raising 400 000 EUR in financing for activities in 2023 to enhance the control system and optimize the design of InfinityWEC wave energy converter, leading up to a sea trial project of InfinityWEC in scale 1:3, planned for the period Jan2024 – Dec2025. This project has already been awarded a 2 MEUR grant financing from the Swedish Energy Agency, with an additional 3 MEUR in financing to be raised later in the year.
InfinityWEC is a breakthrough wave power technology with very high annual energy production per size of the device. This is achieved with an ingenious power take-off solution to provide instant force control with high efficiency and low cost, and with a buoy made in a honeycomb structure with a specially designed low carbon high performance concrete. The solution offers exceptional material efficiency and will be very competitive. 
The technology is unique in its capability to host and benefit from advanced predictive control algorithms and OHT is now implementing recent advancements from leading researchers in the field, showing very promising results in terms of increasing the energy output, reducing loads and being fast enough for a real time control system. We will demonstrate the performance of model-based predictive control algorithms in real sea testing. Read more
Please contact CEO Mikael Sidenmark for more information and to receive the investment presentation.