We harvest the power of the ocean

Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB is a Swedish company that develops a novel technology to transform ocean waves into clean, reliable and cost-efficient electric energy.

InfinityWEC is a 500 kW wave energy converter with an advanced power take-off system, which tunes to every individual wave to efficiently extract energy in all sea states. An innovative end-stop function ensures survival and reliable power production even in the harshest wave conditions.

The buoy is made with high strength concrete, with similar weight to a conventional steel hull, but at a quarter of the cost, a third of the CO2 footprint and one tenth of the manufacturing time.

The excellent performance and reliability, combined with a modular design, where all critical parts are easily manufactured, transported, installed and maintained, make InfinityWEC a very competitive solution for the future global energy market.

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The world needs a new energy system built on renewable energy sources, with a minimal negative footprint on the planet and its people.

Ocean energy is abundant and geographically diverse, and can play an important role in this transition. The global theoretical potential of wave power has been calculated at 29,500 TWh/year, ten times the current total electricity consumption of the European Union.

Ocean energy is not generated in the same time periods as other renewable energy sources and can therefore help stabilizing the main grid in the future energy mix.

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