The Wave Power Opportunity

The transition to renewable energy is critical to tackle climate change, and easily accessible wave energy resources are estimated to 500 GW, 10% of global demand of electricity

Wave energy produces electricity more consistently and at different times than wind and solar, and increases the value of produced electricity by improving grid balance and reducing the need for energy storage

InfinityWEC Advantages

Breakthrough technology, making wave energy competitive by maximizing the energy output from every individual wave 

High material efficiency and use of low-carbon materials, give low cost and low CO2 footprint

Wave farms have low visibility from shore, are area efficient and environmentally friendly

100 EUR / MWh

Already at 100 MW deployed capacity
(short term levelized cost of energy)

< 35 EUR / MWh

At gigawatt scale deployment
(long term levelized cost of energy)

6 MW

Rated power of one cluster
(12 WECs)

15–25 GWh

Annual energy production per cluster
(depending on resource)

0,5 MEUR / MW

Cost of material per installed capacity
(7x lower than floating wind power)

200 tonCO2eq / MW

Carbon footprint per installed capacity
(7x lower than floating wind power)

Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB is a Swedish company that develops a novel technology to transform ocean waves into clean, reliable and cost-efficient electric energy.

InfinityWEC is a 500 kW wave energy converter with an advanced power take-off system, which tunes to every individual wave to efficiently extract energy in all sea states. An innovative end-stop function ensures survival and reliable power production even in the harshest wave conditions.

The buoy is made with high strength concrete, with similar weight to a conventional steel hull, but at a quarter of the cost, a third of the CO2 footprint and one tenth of the manufacturing time.

The excellent performance and reliability, combined with a modular design, where all critical parts are easily manufactured, transported, installed and maintained, make InfinityWEC a very competitive solution for the future global energy market.

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