Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB (OHT) is a privately held company, founded in 2007 to develop wave power technology. R&D has been focused on optimal control to maximize energy production and to control the buoy motion and load case. Significant effort has also gone into energy storage solutions and how to integrate them in the system to smoothen captured wave power into a constant and predictable output. Founder Mikael Sidenmark with family and the Lundin Foundation are the largest shareholders and other investors include regional insurance companies Länsförsäkringar i Blekinge, Kalmar and Älvsborg and private investors. OHT is a proud receiver of financing from the Swedish Energy Agency.

The company is based in Karlskrona and Göteborg, Sweden.


Mikael Sidenmark
CEO, founder, member of the board

15 years experience in wave power development, entrepreneurship, technology and system development, software development and simulations, project management, innovation and IP management, securing public and private financing , He is author / co-author of 25 approved / pending patent application.

Markus Wallentin

25 years’ experience of product development and project execution of marine renewable, subsea oil & gas, automotive, train and industry applications. Specialized in numerical simulations within mechanics (FEA). Has also 10 years’ experience of management, sales and business development.

Board of Directors

Olle Holmertz
Chairman of the board

20 years’ experience as CFO, CEO, investor and board member in technology companies and VC firms. Prior to this, experience in financing related to infrastructure, energy and industrial projects.

Thomas Korsfeldt
Member of the board

Former director general of Swedish Energy Agency (1998-2008). Thomas has previously worked in the parliament and in the prime minister’s office and is currently involved in i.a. Swedish energy policy work.

Mikael Sidenmark
CEO, founder, member of the board

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