We follow the staged development method set out by the international marine energy community

OHT is since 2017 developing the novel InfinityWEC wave energy converter with advanced force control and AI capabilities. We have an extensive know-how in the wave power application and have patent protection covering all aspects of the InfinityWEC system. To mature the concept we have developed tools to accurately assess dependencies between design and the overall life cycle cost of the system. We believe in using numerical models to time and cost efficiently simulate the behavior, loads and performance of the system, and to verify them with limited and controllable physical tests. This ensures we are on track to a commercially viable system before we move into large scale prototypes and testing.

InfinityWEC solves key challenges in wave power, offering higher energy production, lower cost and improved reliability and survivability compared to other WEC technologies. Only proven technologies from other industries are used and integrated in the InfinityWEC system, enabling fast and capital efficient route to market.

We are currently in the design and validation phase of the InfinityWEC technology, building a scale 1:10 of the InfinityWEC power take-off system, to be tested in a hardware-In-the-loop (HIL) test rig. This enables us to simulate authentic load conditions in a controlled dry environment.

The Map

In 2022 we plan to start our next project, validation with sea trials of a fully operational InfinityWEC in scale 1:3

In 2024 we plan start the project for a full scale 500kW InfinityWEC after which our system is validated and certified, followed by our first commercial installations.