Cost of Material and CO2 Footprint 7x Lower per MW for Wave Power compared to Floating Wind Power

A comparison of the material efficiency between InfinityWEC Wave Power and offshore floating Wind Power….


Ocean Harvesting raising 400 000 EUR to implement enhanced MPC and optimize design of InfinityWEC

Ocean Harvesting is raising 400 000 EUR in financing for activities in 2023 to enhance the…


InfinityWEC to demonstrate performance with enhanced model-based predictive control in scale 1:3 sea trials

Ocean Harvesting is collaborating with experts in model-based predictive control to implement recent research and…


Innovative pre-tension solution reduces InfinityWEC electricity production cost

The InfinityWEC wave energy converter has been upgraded with an innovative solution which uses hydrostatic…


Ocean Harvesting awarded a 22 MSEK financing grant from the Swedish Energy Agency

The grant is for the project ”InfinityWEC wave energy converter – Validation through sea trials…


Promising results from case study of oil & gas platform electrification with wave energy

Offshore oil & gas platforms require constant power supply and decarbonization of this power is…


New patent application filed for improved pre-tensioning system

InfinityWEC is based on the following Design Principles, to achieve high performance, low cost and to…


Ocean Harvesting to raise 3 MEUR for sea trials with InfinityWEC wave energy converter

To finance sea trials with wave energy converter InfinityWEC at scale 1:3, Ocean Harvesting is…


Ocean Harvesting develops a new buoy made of high-strength concrete for its wave energy converter

Karlskrona/Gothenburg, Sweden; 6 May, 2022 Ocean Harvesting is developing a novel concrete hull for the…


Ocean Harvesting completes testing of InfinityWEC power take-off and control system in a scale 1:10 test rig

Karlskrona/Gothenburg, Sweden; 5 May, 2022 Ocean Harvesting has successfully completed the testing of a prototype…


Wave power – using NSK ball screws

NSK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bearing, linear technology and steering systems, presents…


Ocean Harvesting commissions test-rig for InfinityWEC power take-off with instant force control capabilities

Ocean Harvesting Technologies (OHT) has commissioned a Hardware in the Loop (HIL) test rig at…


Lundin Energy Norway is collaborating with Ocean Harvesting Technologies.

Lundin Energy Norway is collaborating with Ocean Harvesting Technologies through a study on how installation of wave energy converters could provide clean, stable and cost-effective electricity to an offshore oil and gas platform


Markus Wallentin appointed as new CTO.

Ocean Harvesting Technologies is very pleased to welcome Markus Wallentin as new Chief Technology Officer, to help us with our mission to commercialize our InfinityWEC technology.


Ocean Harvesting Technologies secures €300 000 investment from the Lundin Foundation.

Lundin Foundation invests €300 000 in Ocean Harvesting Technologies, a Swedish pre-commercial renewable energy company striving to be a market leader in wave energy technology.


OHT awarded 300 000 EUR in funding from the Swedish Energy Agency for InfinityWEC power take-off and control system project.

InfinityWEC´s power take-off system (PTO) consists of ball screw actuators with torque motors and a…


Ocean Harvesting new member of the GCE Ocean Energy cluster in Norway.

We are happy to announce that Ocean Harvesting are now a proud member of GCE…


InfinityWEC design update.

The InfinityWEC design is updated with several improvements to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy…


InfinityWEC presented by ball screw manufacturer NSK at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

We are proud to be showcased by NSK in their exhibition at the Tokyo Motor…


OHT at Swedish Energy Agency Havsenergiforum.

A presentation of InfinityWEC and an update on the ongoing cost optimization study was presented…